At Utopia we see many different people with all kinds of skin concerns and problems on a daily basis.
And the big question on everyone’s lips is always the same…

“How do I get amazing skin?”

It’s so, so simple…


1. Skincare routine;
Start of by cleansing, toning and moisturising with good quality products.
No one ever gets great skin with ‘good old soap and water.’
Once you have got into a good routine day and night you can easily upgrade this by
adding in products like eye cream, night serums, masques, hydrating capsules…
The list is endless, and trust me, I’ve tried it all!
Dermalogica & Environ are my all time favourite skincare brands.


2. Mid-Week drinking;
Alcohol, as much as us Brits love it, is really bad for your skin,
It dehydrates and completely dries it out.
I’m sure we have all experienced ‘the morning after’ and our skin looks terrible.
It feels dry, dehydrated and of course the spots, alcohol normally contains high amounts
of sugar, resorting in unwanted breakouts!
Weekend drinking is fine (lets not ban the fun stuff)… But you just have to limit yourself mid week.
And most importantly make sure you take your make up off before falling into the nearest bed!


3. Smoking/Second Hand Smoke;
Smoking, as most us know, releases thousands of chemicals into the air and these
horrible chemicals soak into our skin… This is no different to it soaking into our clothes and
leaving a bad smell.
Smoking helps to create wrinkles, dehydration lines and discoloured skin, leading
down the dark road of dun, dun, dun…

Premature ageing!


4. Water;
My friend who is a dedicated Waterholic is always saying to me,
‘Hydrate to operate’ – and its true!
Water makes up the body, and your skin contains 64% water alone.
Without water in your body and skin (a living organism) it can’t possibly function properly.
On average we should be drinking 2 litres of water per day –
I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s really easy if you break it down…
8 glasses per day – Green Tea and other caffeine free
herbal drinks are included. Green tea is actually amazing for
the skin, as it has great anti ageing and detox benefits on the entire body.
And NO, coffee doesn’t count as 1 cup – it’s actually
massively dehydrating for us!


5. Stress;
Stress is one of the biggest causes of ageing skin, and is the hardest to control.
But we can help control it… Start of by aiming to get at least 6-7 hours of what I call
‘Pure Sleep’– this is sleep with no distractions. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, and even put an eye mask on if this will help you fall into a deep sleep.
Your body needs to revitalise itself! Three great ways to relax the body, and help get you into a deep sleep are such simple little things:
Lighting a scented candle an hour before bed – I personally love
Aroma Works scented candles – they are made up of
pure essential oils that really relax your body and mind.
Soaking in a hot bubble bath with ‘Magnesium flakes’ added into the water is great
for all, especially for people with achey muscles!
Lastly, deep breathing techniques whilst in bed will allow your mind to
naturally relax, prepare and clear your mind for a deep sleep.
Taking 10 slow, deep breaths in through the nose, holding for a second and then out
through the mouth is all it takes to give yourself the
best possible sleep – if you’re having trouble sleeping, then just give it a go!


6. Sun;
‘Skin like leather’ – we have all heard this saying at one point in our lives.
If you have ever left anything out in the sun for too long as we all know, it ruins it.
So why do we think our skin is any different, our skin is delicate, sensitive and precious.
There is a simple solution… SPF, and you can actually find this in most day creams and make up.
I chose to use Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up because it all contains SPF 25, this protects
my skin from harmful UV rays that can soak into it, even when its grey and cloudy,
which as we all know, is most of the time in good old Britain!


7. Supplements;
Last, but most certainly not least…
Supplements can be an extremely effective way of maintaining healthy skin, as well as improving the efficiency of your face and body products.
I choose to take ‘Skin Vitality’ from the Advanced Nutritional Programme – this benefits my skin by complimenting my Environ moisturiser, AVST 3, which also has high levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a development molecule that repairs and protects the skin, and by taking
this supplement every day I am feeding my skin from the inside as well as
fortifying my skin from the outside!

We only get one skin in our lifetime – lets look after it!


Sophie, with love